Can You Outrun a Bad Diet? Here's What the Experts Say

If you think a daily exercise habit gives you carte blanche to eat whatever you want, think again.

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Ray Allen
Former NBA Star Ray Allen Used His Running to Gain an Edge—and Still Does

The basketball legend opens up about his hopes of doing a marathon and how he was inspired by Dean Karnazes.

Outdoor workout essentials
Outdoor Workout Essentials You’ll Swear By This Summer

There’s a reason it’s called the great outdoors.

Sarah Sellers
Who the Heck Were Those Women in 2nd Through 6th at the Boston Marathon?

The surprising stories of the five unknowns who beat Shalane Flanagan.

Desiree Linden
Desiree Linden Withstands the Rain to Win the Boston Marathon

The two-time Olympian faced horrible weather conditions to become the first American woman to take the title in 33 years.

Aiden Puffer
Eighth Grader Steals the Show in Boston With a Blazing Fast 5K

Aidan Puffer of Manchester, Connecticut, set a single-age world record on Saturday.

Even the Pros Struggle With the Taper. Here’s How They Nail It

Seven strategies for starting the race fit, fresh, and full of running.

Boston Marathon
How You Can Watch the Most Anticipated Boston Marathon in Years

The fields are stacked—especially the U.S. women. Here’s how you can follow the race from wherever you are.

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Boston Marathon weather
Get Ready for Rain at the 2018 Boston Marathon

What’s the weather going to be on Marathon Monday?

Lululemon Fast and Free Tight
These Are the Only Leggings I Can Run in Without Sweating My Butt Off

One fitness editor thinks they are straight up magical.

Mirna Valerio
Mirna Valerio Shares Her Advice on How to Own Your Run With Confidence

This ultrarunner and author encourages you to just get out there and run—no matter what your size, distance, or pace.

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How to Know If You Have Plantar Fasciitis—And What to Do About It

We went straight to the experts for the facts about this common running injury.

Can the Right Mindset Really Make You a Faster Runner?

Researchers find that if you keep your emotions in check, you’re likely to have a better race.

Adidas Unveils Fresh Pair of Ultraboosts for Coachella

The limited-edition shoes will be available early at a desert pop-up near the music festival.

For Group of Refugees in Greece, Running Provides Much Needed Outlet

The sport brings varied cultures together and helps integrate members into their new society.

Try One of These Savory Oatmeal Recipes Before Your Next Run

Stuck in an oatmeal rut? Spice up your prerun breakfast with one of these oatmeal recipes.

How Running Changed Me
Running Helped Him Lose 170 Pounds—and Saved His Life in the Process

Running was impossible for this airline pilot when he started at 50 years old. Now he runs for hours.

Dylan Bowman
Ultrarunner’s FKT on the Lost Coast Trail Will Make You Want to Explore the Route Yourself

Dylan Bowman documented his speedy journey over the treacherous stretch of California shoreline this past March.

Hannover Marathon
Kenyan Runner Frantically Crawls His Way to a Second-Place Finish

Michael Kunyuga collapsed just a few feet from the finish line, with a runner right on his heels.

Cortisone injection
A Cortisone Shot Might Not Be the Miracle Drug You Think It Is

Injured runners often turn to a cortisone shot for a quick solution, but are these injections all they're cracked up to be?

Berlin Half Marathon
German Police Stop Suspected Plot on Berlin Half Marathon

The suspects were reportedly planning to attack race crowds and participants with knives.

Salomon Trail Pack
I Ended My Search for the Perfect Pack With the Salomon Ultra 8 Set

After a ton of experimenting, video editor Pat Heine finally found the vest that would work for every big race.

Boston Marathon
A 5-Time Boston Finisher Shares His Love for the Race—and How You Can Crush It

You worked hard to get to Boston. Make the most of one of the most challenging marathon courses out there.

Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Device
The Hyperice Hypervolt Makes Foam Rollers Obsolete

With this handheld, vibrating massager, you can easily target any muscle group.

Runner's World Pop-Up
Come Visit the Runner's World Pop-Up at the Boston Marathon

We're back on Boylston with everything from Meb to merch. See you there!

Bill Dooper
Ultrarunning’s Biggest Fan Is Remembered by the Community He Cherished

83-year-old Bill Dooper left a mark on the ultra community.